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News - January 13, 2017

“Free Internet” A New Scam on WhatsApp

New malware on most popular messaging app. This scam lures people to click on ads, download apps and  attacks smartphone with malware, this malware claims to offer free internet without Wi-Fi connection.

Welivesecurity reported that a WhatsApp scam message is spreading around internationally and changes language according to the country it appears in.

The message offers the user free internet facility without Wi-Fi connection. The message also asks the users to recommend a few friends or share within groups in WatsApp. Once the message is shared, the user is allowed to proceed to claim the so-called free service.

In this fashion, link in the message takes the user to various websites which then forces the user either to visit malware or download a few apps from the app store. However, at the end, no free service will be offered. This scam message is to gain money through advertisements shown and even apps downloaded by the users.

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