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News - December 30, 2016

New Passport Rules in India

In order to streamline, liberalize and ease the process of issue of passport, the Ministry of External Affairs has taken a number of steps in the realm of passport policy which is expected to benefit the citizens of India applying for a passport.

After several applications regarding the children of single parents and adopted children, these new rules will be put into place.

  1. Annexes A, C, D, E, J and K have been removed. The total number of annexes required for the passport has been brought down to 9 from the previous 15
  2. All annexes can be self attested from now on. No need for attestation from any gazetted officer or notaries or magistrates.
  3. Children of single parents need to mention the name of either mother, father or a legal guardian but not both.
  4. Orphaned children who don’t have a certificate of birth can provide a declaration by the head of the orphanage confirming the DOB of the applicant.
  5. Children born out of wedlock will need to provide only Anexxure G along with the application.
  6. Divorced and separated applicants need not mention the names of their spouses. There is no need to provide a divorce decree even.
  7. Married applicants need not provide an Annexure K or any marriage certificate.
  8. Domestically adopted children will not need to submit any registered adoption deed. Even a declaration to this effect on a plain paper by the applicant will also do.
  9. Government servants who are unable to obtain the NOC from their respective employers can even submit a self-declaration along with Annexure-N that he/she has given a prior intimation to his/her employer informing them about the application process.
  10. Sadhus and Sanyasis can apply for a passport with the name of a spiritual guru instead of their biological parents. They will only require one public document like the Election ID, Aadhar Card, PAN Card where the spiritual Guru’s name has been mentioned in place of the parents.

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