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Technology - November 21, 2017

Over 400 of the Most Popular Websites Record Your Every Keystroke

The idea of websites tracking users is old, but research at Princeton’s Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) claim that over 400 of the world’s top 50,000 websites use ‘session replay scripts’ to track user behavior. In a first installment of a series titled “No Boundaries,” Released last week indicates that online tracking is far more invasive than most users understand.

Highly-trafficked sites run software that records every time you click and every word you type. If you go to a website, begin to fill out a form, and then abandon it, every letter you entered in is still recorded, according to the researchers’ findings. If you accidentally paste something into a form that was copied to your clipboard, it’s also recorded.

Researchers have compiled a full list of the script-using websites they found. Getting to the bit about why this business practice can backfire on users, researchers say a host of information usually ends up being collected during each session, some of which can be linked to personally identifiable data.

Study notes that ad-blocking lists and tracking protection services do provide some measure of safety, but do not block everything. Motherboard reports that Adblock Plus has been updated post the publication of the CITP study to block all named scripts.

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